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Stop stressing and live your best life.

Stress and skin are closely linked. They both cause a similar cascade of reactions: increased cortisol levels, blood pressure, decreased circulation and metabolism, and other changes all ultimately affect the skin. Research has also shown that skin and hair follicles contain complex mechanisms to produce their own stress-inducing signals, which can travel to the brain and perpetuate the stress response.

For example, stress can cause hair loss. Stratum corneum (the layer of skin directly above the dermis) is responsible for ‘waterproofing’ because sebaceous and sweat glands produce an oily byproduct called sebum which keeps the skin hydrated. Excessive stress causes a spike in hormones that can disrupt this equilibrium, leading to excess drying out of skin which causes unhealthy flaking and dandruff.

Ok, enough with the science. Let’s keep it simple.

Your stress level, especially when out of control, can affect your skin and hair. Stress can lead to acne and skin breakouts, and cause hair loss, damage, or loss of hair growth. So how does relaxing help? Well for one it doesn't cost you a lot. It's free actually. So get comfortable in a quiet room and take deep breaths...just make sure no one is around because you don't want them to see the silly grin on your face. This simple exercise will help reduce your stress level which may lead to healthier skin and healthier growing locks of hair.

Graveis & Co sends peace and love your way.

Remember life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Your skin and hair will thank you later.

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