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What did you eat today?

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, so it makes sense that how we look and how we feel is greatly affected by what we eat. Start your day with a salmon fillet or swordfish steak and you'll begin reaping the benefits almost immediately, thanks to essential fatty acids. Omega-3s can reduce inflammation as well as swelling, regenerate cells, and help maintain elasticity which leads to a firmer, plumper appearance. Red fleshed fruits and vegetables are also useful for helping to keep your complexion glowing as they are rich in vitamin C which is essential for manufacturing collagen and both carotenoids and Vitamin C are antioxidants, helping to fight free radicals which may cause damage to our skin and cause premature signs of aging.

With good nutrition, healthy eating can be a part of your daily routine. A rich, balanced diet is vital to skin health and nutrition plays a significant role in preventing premature aging and other common skin conditions.

What to avoid?

Avoid refined carbohydrates, sugary drinks and sweets – these foods have little nutritional value and tend to convert quickly into sugar. Cut down on carbs such as white bread, pastries, white rice, sugary drinks, many breakfast cereals. Replace these foods with good carbs such as healthy vegetables, whole grains, and fruit which are loaded with ‘wrinkle-fighting’ anti-oxidants that have a lower glycaemic index.

Umm, what did we learn today? You are what you eat and it show all over your skin. So the next time you just throw on a junk food breakfast in the morning, reach for something healthy. Your body will thank you.

Our supplement of the day:

(Collagen Peptides)

Try our protein infused, Collagen Peptides Powder provides you with antioxidant protection for your skin and joints. Collagen is nature’s key building protein. It's the key ingredient that keeps your skin, hair, nails and joints in tip top shape. Everyone can benefit from taking it daily. This powder helps you to lose weight by offering optimal nutrition while reducing your cravings by satiating your appetite.

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